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Education for the Future is a cornerstone for any society trying to rebuild its future to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The Arab Peace Corps will play a key and pivotal role in promoting a new education movement, promoting local and intercultural educations within the Arab world and the world beyond.


Public Health

Public health and education are key elements in promoting a peaceful, dynamic society where a healthy mind is in a healthy body.


Community Development

It is time to fully engage local communities in local issues and decisions, dealing with development whether social or infrastructure. The Arab Peace Corps will work with local and national organizations to achieve this goal.


Small Enterprises

Small enterprises are the backbones of many national and international economies providing local employment and local wealth. Providing technical, business and marketing expertise will allow communities to build its wealth with productivity, not a handout.



Though water scarcity is a big issue for most Middle East countries, food security is no less important than national defense. With so much land available for agriculture, the Arab World must food self-sufficient for the next generations.


Job Training

In partnership with local, international vocational educational institutions and master craftsmen, we should be able to help create viable skills and enterprises that can be passed on to the next generations.


Sports Activities

We inspire the general population to keep up and improve their freedom of prosperity through a way of life that embraces physical exercises.


Science/Reading Clubs

We are enhancing the Science/reading Club. It helps the general population to open their creative impulses and achieve their maximum capacity


Artisan Training/Enterprises

Our artisan training/enterprises approach is followed where the hypothesis is implanted in practical exercises or projects.



Promote preservation and valuation for the environment, and driving, tree planting, and environmental beautification campaigns.


Family Support Centers

“Families” are the backbone of all Middle East societies, rural and urban and the mothers always play a central role in the lives and well-being of families. The Family Support Centers will be the place the entire family in the Middle East or in the Diaspora can go-to for all of its needs.

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