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Pro-Bono Services

The Arab Peace Corps is a community effort of donors, volunteers from around the Arab World and around the world. However, there are certain key and critical Pro-Bono Services that are needed, we do hope that major organizations can contribute their services and talents and join us in making the Arab Peace Corps a great success. Please Contact Us offering your services. Thank you.

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International PR

Bi/­Trilingual international PR organization with expertise in the Arab World, especially with youths, public forums and activities, college students and young professionals and good connections to the private sector.



College students from around the world to volunteer and help with research and outreach programs.


International Social Media Organization

International Social Media organization with expertise in youth markets, and not for profit organizations.



Fundraising organization and concert promoters to stage special events within the Arab World in support of the Arab Peace Corps

We Need You!

We are not a charity organization addressing hunger issues. We are ”development organization” building societies

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Environmental catalytic effect

Empowering women as the catalyst for change, setting up and managing family support centers, establishing small enterprises through innovative “apprentice system,” improving the quality of life through engagement in community environmental projects, providing the catalyst for community leadership, creating the partnership in every community we serve.