Issues and Causes

The Arab World is experiencing turmoil and conflicts not witnessed since colonial times, with nation-states threatened from within and without.

The rise of the military dictatorship in the ’50s, the Arab­Israeli conflict, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iran-­Iraq War, First and Second Gulf Wars, the civil wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, these combined events formed a watershed in the Arab World.

Millions died and more millions with permanent disability and mental scars, millions made refugees, trillions in fortunes and livelihoods were diverted from society building to regional, and “sectarian” wars, destroying nations and threatening the existence of others.

Military, nationalistic “ political and sectarian-driven ideology”, combined with corruption, incompetence, inefficiency, and state wealth, nepotism, lack of transparency and accountability, lack of fairness and equal opportunity, low standards of living, lack of mentoring and inept bloated abusive humiliating bureaucracy, and weak governing institutions — all are responsible for the failure of many of the Arab States, with investment in “winless” wars, and conflict produced the dire results we see today.

The future of the Arab world lies with its youth, who, unfortunately, for the most part, are marginalized, unemployed, and looking for opportunities and decent life.

The Arab Peace Corps through our volunteers want to change all that. We believe that investment in education, scientific research, societal transformation, job and skills training, improved health services, through human capital investment, and the much-needed overhauling of the entire educational system from outmoded lecturing and memorization to advanced analytical skills and creative thinking are the only way forward. The situation is no different for North African immigrant communities in Europe.