Empowering women as the catalyst for change, setting up and managing family support centers, establishing small enterprises through an innovative “apprentice system,” improving the quality of life through engagement in community environmental projects, providing the catalyst for community leadership, creating the partnership in every community we serve.

The Arab Peace Corps: Vision and mission are to capitalized and tapped into the powers, dynamism, and commitments of youths in the Arab world. To engage them like never before, to empower them to take charge in shape the future through active participation and involvement in societal transformation, overhauling the entire educational system to meet the needs and challenges of the future, participation in job training, and building the needed skills for an ever-changing job market, certainly playing an active role as citizens of their nation.

The Arab Peace Corps mission is to work toward implementing development programs for marginalized communities not only in the Arab World but in Europe, the US and Canada. Transforming the power and innocence of youth into positive, self-reinforcing contributions for the better good for themselves and their society, increasing their sense of belonging to their community, society, and nation.

Volunteers will be recruited from within the Arab World to serve in their own countries and in other Arab nations, and international recruits from around the world will be deployed in nations around the Arab World. The New Arab Foundation will set up regional offices one in North Africa and one in the Middle East and will seek governmental approval to host offices and volunteers.

Inspired by President John Kennedy’s’ “Peace Corps”, the Arab Peace Corps is a voluntary two years’ service utilizing commitments, skills and dynamism of the best and the brightest of college graduates, leaders, and retirees from within the Arab World, from the US, Europe, Canada, Australia among others, to help build and rebuild shattered or marginalized communities in education, healthcare, agriculture, artisan/local crafts and small industries, community development and participation, tutorial and mentoring programs among many.

This community service not only makes a positive difference to those communities, but also provides valuable skills, life experiences, and leadership training to the individuals who qualify to volunteers and serve as members of the Arab Peace Corps.

While seeking funding on a project by project basis alone and or in partnership with well qualified and credible organizations, in the next months, we will be seeking the support of nations, private and governmental institutions, the private sector, and individual donors, especially youth to raise $100 million “trust fund” specifically for the Arab Peace Corps and for the Salam Nation or Oumamat Salam a similar voluntary initiative serving vulnerable communities in the MENA region. Priority will be given to young independent youth from around the world as the main source of funding, seeking modest contributions to fund our programs.

We will seek partnership with corporations to commit to giving priority employment to our alumni, airlines to provide free tickets, universities to provide full or reduced tuition for graduate schools, business, and governments to give employment priority, putting the Arab Peace Corps alumni on the fast track as leaders in recognition to all those who sacrificed and made the commitment to serve others.


Imagine volunteer teams of committed young professionals (Arabs, Amazighs, Kurds, Circassians, Armenians) and many others, coming together from all parts of the Arab World, stretching from Morocco across North Africa through The Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America.

Volunteers will be deployed in all Arab countries and will be deployed to serve and work with marginalized communities of Arabs and North Africans in Europe, Canada, the US, and Australia.

These intelligent, dedicated professionals ­­ health workers, teachers, engineers, social workers, artists, skilled technicians, business entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and others, represent the best of what every nation and group dream of, rich with its diverse cultures, languages, religions, ethnicity, traditions, and values.


Imagine hundreds of these teams, spread out across the Arab World and the Diaspora, working in communities to improve basic education in Arab World, health, infrastructure, job training, opportunities, and an environment. Within these communities, volunteer teams focus on the dreams and frustrations of vulnerable youth, both men, and women, giving them a reason to work toward a better future, turning them away from extremism and violence, and equipping them for positive roles within their communities and societies, to build up rather than to destroy. They enrich these communities not only as volunteers but also as cultural ambassadors.


Because Arab countries are experiencing turmoil and conflicts they’ve not witnessed since colonial times and their nation­states are threatened from within and without.

Because trillions of dollars have been diverted from society-building and used instead for wars, or lost to corruption and mismanagement.

Because significant segments of the Arab world population are disfranchised, jobless, and frustrated with the lack of basic services, economic opportunities, poor governance, lack of government transparency and accountability.

Because this has led to a negative, self­perpetuating cycle in which ever­expanding numbers of young men and women are without a good education or jobs, leading to hopelessness, despair, and vulnerability to recruitment by extremist groups.

Because with fresh thinking, commitment, and programs responsive to community needs, we can redirect this youthful energy into positive, self­reinforcing contributions to the greater good through each person’s achievement of a sense of belonging to the greater community and increase the sense of self­worth.

Because we want the Arab world to become a model to the world of positive contributions by today’s young people working to restore communities and societies to peace, stability, and economic development, and good governance

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Volunteerism- Celebrating Self- Building the Future
“If we don’t do it, no one will”.


College students from around the world volunteer and help with research and outreach programs.

Forward-thinking gender equality urban resourceful social challenges human rights rural generosity.


Forward-thinking gender equality urban resourceful social challenges human rights rural generosity.

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